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Enjoy The Beauty of
Natural Ingredients!

RefreshSht is Filled with Rich, All-Natural Essential Oils like Lavender, Mint and Tea Tree.

RefreshSht is an all  natural odor eliminator spray containing only plant and mineral based ingredients. This powerful odor remover annihilates odors without releasing any harsh chemical fumes or residue.  RefreshSht doesn’t just mask the strongest, nastiest bad odors … it actually kills the bacteria that causes them, leaving a light, minty fragrance behind. RefreshSht also kills viruses and fungi as it deodorizes and disinfects!

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A Pet Safe Environment Saves Lives.

For a Limited Time – Help us Help Animals Everywhere.

For every purchase of Three 8oz bottles the purchaser receives one FREE 1 oz bottle and FREE shipping. 20% of net proceeds is donated to the OSPCA.
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Tough on The Bad Things,
Easy on the Good Things.

RefreshSht is naturally anti-microbial
and anti-bacterial.

Refreshsht disinfects and removes harmful bacteria from the air, meaning it doesn’t just cover it, RefreshSht actually removes bad odours from the air.

Try RefreshSht For Yourself!

Use On Clothing & Linens

Use in Your Home or at Work

Remove Animal Odours

Remove Smoke Odours

Freshen Vehicles’ Interiors

Use on Foul Smelling Activewear

Freshness is Our Mission.

With Every Spray we are Helping People and The Environment.

Millions of people are switching to alternative products when it comes to odour eliminators. Our proprietary blend of essential oils not only removes lingering odours from the source but can even eliminate intrusive scents and residue from your hands!

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See Real Customer Testimonials From Our Extremely Satisfied Customers!

“It’s Amazing How Well This Stuff Works”

“Great product. Bought at Ren’s Pet’s Depot in the 8oz and 1oz size – one for the vehicle and one for home. It’s amazing how well this stuff works and I’m not concerned with what I’m inhaling like I am with other odour eliminating sprays.”

Adam Schon, from our Facebook Page.

“It Helps Me Sleep!”

“Love this spray so much!! Its so soothing too, I spray a little on my bedsheets and pillow before bed and it helps me sleep! It honestly can make any smell go away not just cover it up!”

Autumn Fae Branch, from our Facebook Page.

“Smells Natural and Clean””

“Great product. Beats using fabreeze or other highly chemical based and unnatural products. Smells natural and clean.

Chris Matthew, from our Facebook Page.”

“Cures Husbands Stinky Shoes”

“Best ever !! Gets rid of horse stank and my husbands stinky shoes !! It’s so natural and not chemical smelling. Absolutely love it !!!”

Beki M Dean, from our Facebook Page.